Most of Leymann's major research articles have been published in English. A few are still only available in Swedish. To see these, click here.
Bank Robberies Research:
1985 and 1990, Leymann published a series of articles based on interviews with 221 bank employees. Risk factors for the development of short- and long-term anxiety after trauma were analyzed.
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Leymann Heinz. "The Significance of the Learning-Process Underlying Democratic Participation. “ Economic and industrial democracy 8.1 (1987):111-130.
Leymann builds on previous work which found that learning possiblities were rarely built into the work environment. In this article, he argues that this stunts the ability of the employee to experience the work environment as a democracy.


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Leymann, Heinz. Mobbing and psychological terror at workplaces." Violence and Victims 5.2 (1990):119-126.
This article was the first on mobbing published in the USA. In it, Leymann describes the stages and consequences of mobbbing at work. A prevention plan is then presented.
This research is described in two separate articles. Click here for more information on each.
'Person Under Train' Research
An intriguing study that examines the effects on subway driver's who have run over someone on tracks. The authors do follow-up on the driver 3 weeks, 3 months and a year after the incident.
'Major Railway Accidents' Research
A pair of articles dealing with the psychological impact of railway accidents on train drivers.
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Leymann, Heinz. "The Content and Development of Mobbing at Work." European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 5.2 (1996):165-184.
A clear overview of mobbing at work: using a case example, the definition, as well the typical course and content of mobbing are all described. A strategy for prevention is then suggested.
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Leymann, Heinz; Gustafsson, Annelie.  "Mobbing at work and the development of post-traumatic stress disorders." European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 5.2 (1996):251-275.
A discussion of the severe psychosomatic health consequences of mobbing at work. An analysis of 64 patients subjected to mobbing reveals that severe PTSD-symptoms are common.