'Person Under Train' Research

This study looked at the effects on train drivers who had run over someone on the tracks. Forty drivers were studied and compared to controls. Follow-up was made 3 weeks, 3 months and 1 year after the incident.

This research has been described in two separate articles.

Available on the online website for Psychsomatic Medicine
Theorell, Töres; Leymann, Heinz; Jodko, Margareta; Konarski, Kristoffer; et al. "’Person under train’ incidents: Medical consequences for subway drivers." Psychosomatic medicine 54.4 (1992):480-488
This article is more detailed. It provides a longer description of the method and analysis used.
Available online with subscription from ScienceDirect.com
Theorell, Tores ; Leymann, Heinz; Jodko, Margareta; Konarski, Kristoffer; et al."’Person under train’ incidents from the subway driver's point of view: A prospective 1-year follow-up study: The design, and medical and psychiatric data." Social science & medicine 38.3 (1994):471-475.
This article is shorter, and provides a quicker snapsnot of the researchers' main conclusions.