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Hammerly, Hector

  • Hammerly, Hector 2006. "Mob, v t, to Kill by Pack: Practical Techniques for Surviving and Fighting Back." Six parts of essay published online November 2006 on Hector Hammerly Memorial Webpage <>


  • Hammerly, Hector 1997. "Rid Campuses of Officious Poohbahs." Maclean's. 7 April 1997, p.9.


  • Hammerly, Hector 1995. "Towards a Better University." Simon Fraser News. 2 November 1995, p.5


  Hector Hammerly
Late Professor of Linguistics
Simon Fraser University
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  Click here to view information and clips from The Hector Hammerly Memorial Lecture on Academic Mobbing.
  Click here for "Response to Hammerly Essay on Mobbing," by Kenneth Westhues (Published 2006, part of Hector Hammerly Memorial).
  Click here for "Hector's Unhappy Retirement," by Derek DeCloet British Columbia Report (8 September, 1997).