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Defines and describes mobbing from an international perspective.


Brown, Valerie Atkinson Mobbing - Sophisticated Bullying in the Workplace: A Social Issue with Legal Consequences. New York: Mellen Press 2008

Examines the important distinction between workplace mobbing and bullying.

Bultena, Charles D. and Richard B. Whatcott 2008, "Bushwacked at Work: A Comparative Analysis of Mobbing & Bullying at Work." Proceedings of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences. 15:1, Feb. 2008.


An essential and easy to read introduction to the mobbing phenomenon.

Davenport, Noa Zanolli, Ruth Distler Schwartz, Gail Pursell Elliott 1999. Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace. Ames, Iowa: Civil Society Publishing.

Article written by one of the authors of Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the Workplace. Provides an introduction to the term.

Elliott, Gail Pursell 2000. "Did You Hear of Mobbing?" Published on Innovations Training website <>


Clear, thorough, and accurate introduction to mobbing in Academe.


Gravois, John 2006. "Mob Rule: In departmental disputes, professors can act just like animals." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 52:32, p.A10. 14 April 2006.


Part of the first publication of European mobbing research in English.


Leymann, Heinz 1996. "The Content and Development of Mobbing at Work"
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. 5:2, pp.165-184.


Fundamental efinition of mobbing available through Heinz Leymann's website.


Leymann, Heinz. "The Definiton of Mobbing at Workplaces." File 12100e, The Mobbing Encyclopaedia.


The first English article on mobbing published in the United States.


Leymann, Heinz 1990. "Mobbing and Psychological Terrors at Work." Violence and Victims. 5:2, pp.119-126.

An overview of the trauma experienced by targets. Leymann, Heinz and Anneli Gustafsson 1996. "Mobbing at Work and the Development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorders." European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. 5:2, pp.251-275.


Introduces the concept of workplace mobbing and provides case examples.


Plecko, Drago 2007. Mobbing: When Workplace Becomes a Battlefield. Javno. Published 27 Oct. 2007.


Informative article written by the founder of Workplace Mobbing Australia (Black Sheep).


Shallcross, Linda 2004. "The Pecking Order: Workplace Mobbing." International Journal of Psychology. 39:5-6, p.393.

First book of a five volume series by sociologist Kenneth Westhues. Informative and engaging.

Westhues, Kenneth 1998. Eliminating Professors: A Guide to the Dismissal Process. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press.

"With the publication of this book and his continuing research on the subject, Westhues has virtually founded a new field in sociology."

-David S. Clarke
Editor Knowledge, Technology and Society.

Westhues, Kenneth 2004. The Envy of Excellence: Administrative Mobbing of High-Achieving Professors. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press.

Nine vivid accounts of harassment and mobbing at work that. A must read in understanding the nature of workplace mobbing.


Westhues, Kenneth Ed. 2005. Winning, Losing, Moving On: How Professionals Deal with Workplace Harassment and Mobbing. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press.

A summary of research on workplace mobbing.

Westhues, Kenneth 2002. "At the Mercy of the Mob." OHS Canada, Canada's Occupational Health & Safety Magazine. 18:8, pp.30-36. Published online at <> January 2003.

Introduction to mobbing. Published in Academic Matters: the Journal of Higher Education.


Westhues, Kenneth 2006. "The Unkindly Art of Mobbing."Academic Matters: the Journal of Higher Education OCUFA. Fall 2006, pp.18-19. Available online at <>