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An informative article about the physical and psychological implications of workplace mobbing. Part of Mental Health Works, a division of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

"Cubicle Bullies: Mobbing at Work." Mental Health Works. Available on Mental Health website

Provides an extensive list of possible physical and emotional symptoms of workplace mobbing.

"What are the Health Effects of Mobbing?" Available on website <>

This study examines the impact of mobbing on a target's beliefs in a just world.

Cubela Adoric, Vera and Tina Kvartuc 2007. "Effects of Mobbing on Justice Beliefs and Adjustment." European Psychologist. 12:4,
pp. 261 -271.


This study looks at the relationship between mobbing and the development of addiction.



Cassitto, M.G. and S. Giordano 2003. "Mobbing Impact on Individual Behaviors and Therapeutic Interventions: Risk of Addiction." Homeostasis in Health and Disease. 42:6 pp.288-290.



Written by one of the authors of "Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace".


Davenport, Noa Zanolli 2002. "When Conflict in the Workplace Escalates to Emotional Abuse." Published on Solutions for Conflict, June 2002.

Provides an overview of the physical and emotional consequences for the mobbing target as well as their family.

Duffy, Maureen and Len Sperry 2007. "Workplace Mobbing: Individual and Family Health Consequences." The Family Journal. 15:4, pp.398-407.


A well designed study that examines the mental health of targets exposed to mobbing.


Girardi, P., E. Monaco, C. Prestigiacomo, A. Talamo, A.Ruberto, R.Tatarelli 2007. "Personality and psychopathological profiles in individuals exposed to mobbing." Violence and Victims. 22:2, pp.172-188.


Looks at the treatment of targets.


Groeblinghoff, Dieter and Michael Becker 1996. "A case of mobbing and the clinical treatment of mobbing victims." European Journal of Public Administrations. 14:5, p.845.


Provides a review of the literature relevant to the socio-economic cost of not addressing workplace mobbing.


Hartig, Kate and Jeannene Frosch 2006. "The workplace mobbing syndrome: the silent and unseen occupational hazard." Presented at the National Conference on Woman and Industrial Relations, Griffith University, Brisbane.
Charmaine Hockley sheds light on the experience of third party victims.


Hockley, Charmaine 2002. "The impact of workplace violence on third party victims." Adelaide International Workplace Bullying Conference - Skills for Survival, Solutions and Strategies. 20–22 February 2002



Addresses the impact of mobbing on the mental well-being of third party victims.


Hockley, Charmaine 2003. "The Impact of Workplace Violence on Third Party Victims: a Mental Health Perspective." AeJAMH: Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health. 2:2 July 2003.


Takes a look into the previously unexplored experience of the children of mobbing targets.


Hockley, Charmaine 2004. "Mobbing: Children the Unlikely Victims." Workplace Mobbing Conference Australia, 2004. Available online through Workplace Mobbing Australia website.


Examines the connection between job related stress and illness.


Karasek, Robert. & Theorell, Tores 1990. Healthy work: Stress, productivity and the reconstruction of working life. New York: Basic Books.
This paper was a written by an important figure in mobbing research.


Leymann, Heinz and Anneli Gustafsson 1996. "Mobbing at Work and the Development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorders." European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology,(5:2), pp.251-275


This summary of mobbing consequences is part of Heinz Leymann's online Mobbing Enclyclopaedia.


Leymann, Heinz "How Serious are Psychological Problems After Mobbing?" The Mobbing Encyclopaedia, file 32100e. Published online at


An easy to read and informative article.


Rosen, Sally E., Judith Kapustin Katz, Page S. Morohan 2007. "Avoiding 'Mobbing' in the Workplace - and Surviving if You Are Mobbed."Academic Physician and Scientist. September 2007


Examines the nature and consequences of abuse in the workplace.


Wyatt, Judith and Chauncey Hare 1997. Work Abuse: How to Recognize and Survive It. Rochester, Vermont: Schenkman Books.


A look at the interplay between mobbing, environment, and the individual consequences.


Zapf, Dieter, Carmen Knorz, Matthias Kulla 1996. "On the relationship between mobbing factors, job content, social work environment, and health outcomes."European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. 5:2, pp. 215-237.