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Workplace Mobbing in Academe


This website was constructed and continues to be maintained by Kenneth Westhues, professor of sociology at the University of Waterloo. With a focus on academic mobbing, this site contains an extensive collection of essays and articles covering the scientific foundation of mobbing, online introductions to the topic, policy recommendations, comparisons, applications and case studies, as well as background papers and recommended reading. Whether interested in mobbing in the academic or non-academic setting, this site is a valuable and insightful resource.

This site was constructed by the founder of research on workplace mobbing, the late professor of psychology Heinz Leymann. Maintained in its original state, the website provides definitions, a historical overview of research developments, statistics, case examples, consequences and diagnostic considerations in treating mobbing and much more. This site is a good source of information and offers valuable insight from the founding father or research on workplace mobbing. focuses on "helping to make mobbing a household word in Canada" ( This site provides a number of useful resources for targets and their families. Insightful articles cover health issues, legal issues, issues related to mobbing survival and recovery as well as target stories and motivational quotes. This site has received a number of awards including the Vie Inn Content Site of the Year 2006, the Silver Reach for the Stars Award of Excellence and a Timart Award. provides visitors with a number of informative resources related to school bullying, workplace bullying, mobbing, and harassment. The site also provides a Bullying Incident Reporting and Management System called Speak Out Now.



This site provides information about the phenomenon of mobbing with special attention to the book Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace by Noa Zanolli Davenport Ph.D., Ruth Distler Schwartz, and Gail Pursell Elliott. Both the site and the book aim to serve as self-help tools for targets and their loved ones.

Workplace Mobbing Australia offers a number of resources for targeted workers labelled the “black sheep” of the workplace. A collection of relevant research papers (in pdf format) from a number of different authors is available. Recently updated and well maintained, this site is a valuable resource for targets and researchers alike.

This newly developed website is being updated with mobbing in the news, videos about mobbing, as well as tips for politicians, tips for CEOs and tips for mobbing targets.

This personal website was constructed by former mobbing target Stephen Bruce O'Handley. As a tool for others in his position, O'Handley provides definitions of mobbing, stages of the process, an explanation of how it differs from bullying and a section for visitors to write their own experiences.


This blog dates back to 2006 and contains over 600 blog posts about the bullying, mobbing, and harassment present in the educational environment.


Written by Izzy Kalman, a school psychologist, this blog takes a critical look at the modern day bully witch-hunt going on in schools. The same phenomenon can be observed in workplaces; it is common for a mobbing target to be labelled a "bully" by co-workers and enthusiastically pushed towards the door.


This website is edited by Brian Martin, Professor of Social Sciences in the School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication at the University of Wollongong. The documents, guides, and links cover a number of topics including whistleblowing, free speech, and systems of social control.

Work Relations

This website contains a collection of anti-mobbing video clips featuring interviews with mobbing targets

This blog aims to educate the general public about the nature and consequences of bullying and mobbing. The articles on mobbing are interesting, insightful, and are worth reading.

Hosted by law professor and founder of the New Workplace Institute David Yamada, this blog offers news, commentary, and information about a variety of workplace relation issues. Updated regularly with new and insightful posts, this blog is an important web resource in the study of organizational relations.

This insightful and candid blog is written by a teacher currently experiencing mobbing at work.
This site aims to inform people about "political psychology" in which psychologists or psychiatrists violate codes of ethics to forward a political agenda. This site looks at this process as it functions in the mobbing of workers.