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Leymann, Heinz & Kornbluh Hy. (Eds.) (1989): Socialization and Learning at Work.A new approach to the Learning Process in the Workplace and Society. Aldershot Hants: Gower Publishing Avebury.
A collection of articles on socialization and learning.

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Zapf, Dieter & Leymann, Heinz. (Eds.)(1996): Mobbing and Victimization at Work. A Special Issue of The European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. 5.2
A collection of international research articles on mobbing: how and why it occurs, consequences and possible prevention strategies.

Includes two articles written by Heinz Leymann:

Leymann, Heinz. "The Content and Development of Mobbing at Work." European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 5.2 (1996):165-184.
A clear overview of mobbing at work: using a case example, the definition, as well the typical course and content of mobbing are all described. A strategy for prevention is then suggested.

Leymann, Heinz; Gustafsson, Annelie.  "Mobbing at work and the development of post-traumatic stress disorders." European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 5.2 (1996):251-275.
A discussion of the severe psychosomatic health consequences of mobbing at work. An analysis of 64 patients subjected to mobbing reveals that severe PTSD-symptoms are common.

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Leymann, Heinz (1978). Kan arebtslivet demokratiseras? Metoder för förändringsarbete i organisationer med tyngdpunkt på inlärning. Stockholm: Management Media.
Title in English: [Is Democracy at the Workplace Possible?]
Leymann describes some attempts by Swedish companies to engage their employees in democratic participation. He argues that these failed because the workers' lacked the possibility of having learning experiences.

Although this is unavailable in English, much of this material is described in the following article:

Leymann Heinz. "The Significance of the Learning-Process Underlying Democratic Participation. “ Economic and industrial democracy 8.1 (1987):111-130.

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Leymann, Heinz; Andersson, Kurt (1986). Förändring i samverkan. Lund: Studentlitterateur.
Title in English: [Change in Cooperation.]
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Leymann, Heinz (1986).  Vuxenmobbing – om psykiskt våld I arbetslivet. Stockholm: Studentlitterateur.
Title in English: [Adult mobbing — on Mental Violence in the Workplace.]
Leymann defines the term "workplace mobbing" and gives answers to some basic questions about it.
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Leymann, H. (1987). Teknik, arbetsvillkor och lärande: En översikt över ett forskningsområde . Stockholm: Styrelsen för Teknisk Utveckling - NUTEK.
Title in English: [Technology, Working Conditions and Learning: An Overview.]
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Leymann, Heinz (1988). Ingen annan utväg. Stockholm: Wahlstrom and Widstrand.
Title in English: [No Other Way Out.]
Diary of a woman who commits suicide after being mobbed at work.
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Leymann, Heinz (1989). När livet slartill. Lund: Natur och Kultur.
Title in English: [When Life Strikes.]
A discussion of victim situations and their effects on the victim. Leymann points out a number of weaknesses in the current literature on victimology.
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Leymann, Heinz, & Gustavsson, Bo- Göran. (1990). Lärande i arbetslivet. Lund: Studentlitteratur.
Title in English: [Learning in the Workplace: Theories on Learning and Work Experiences in Swedish Work Llife.]
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Leymann, Heinz. (1991). Medling och psykosocial rehabilitering. Stockholm: Almanna Forlaget.
Title in English: [Arbitration and Psychosocial Rehabilitation.]
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Leymann, Heinz (1992). Från mobbning til utslagning: arbetslivet. Stockholm: Publica.
Title in English: [From Mobbing to Elimination in Working Life.]
A complete analysis of mobbing situations, with a look at the actions of everyone involved (from management, to the union to co-workers of the victim).
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Leymann, Heinz; Gustafsson, Annelie (1998). Självmordsfabriken. Stockholm: Norstedts Juridik.
Title in English: [Suicide factory.]
A book that created a lot of controversy. Presents three cases of nurses who were mobbed and discusses what in the Swedish healthcare system allowed this to occur.
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Leymann, Heinz. (1993): Mobbing. Psychoterror am Arbeitsplatz und wie man sich dagegen wehren kann. Reinbek: Rowolt Verlag.
Title in English: [Mobbing: Psychological Terror at the Workplace and How to Overcome it.]